Prevent Workplace Harassment/Bullying
& Violence: Streaming Service

Train your workers with HR Proactive Inc.’s engaging 15-minute downloadable Harassment/Bullying & Violence in the Workplace video that covers everything required under Occupational Health & Safety and Human Rights legislation.

Our up-to-date training materials are compliant and easy to use…with the click of the mouse you can get started!

Our Canada-wide Prevent Harassment/ Bullying & Violence video downloadable training package provides our clients with everything needed to facilitate video-based workplace harassment, bullying and violence prevention training for your workers at your worksite. This package allows you to download the video to a PC, laptop or mobile device for viewing without an internet connection. This works great for providing training to workers in the field without internet access.

HR Proactive Inc.’s downloadable Harassment/Bullying & Violence in the Workplace training video is the most comprehensive training package available on the market. Content is suited for training new workers or as a refresher course.

Our Harassment/Bullying & Violence training program includes all the assets required to prepare a professional, informative training workshop for your workers. The Leader Guide provides the facilitator with detailed information on workshop design, industry-specific customization, preparation, orientation, along with workshop facilitator tips.  

Our Video Streaming Download includes these additional assets:

Participants of our Harassment/Bullying & Violence Training Workshop can follow along with the facilitator using our reproducible Participant Guide. As an added bonus, we include an easy to follow, detailed Professional PowerPoint Presentation.

Our Canada-wide Harassment/Bullying & Violence video also includes sample well-crafted Policies and a Risk Assessment Survey to assist in complying with requirements to have a program in place. A final Harassment/Bullying & Violence in the Workplace test/test answer key is provided.


HR Proactive Inc. offers several options to train employees, quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

HR Pro Hosted LMS

HR Pro Hosted LMS

Your own branded Training Platform

SCORM Training File

SCORM Training File

SCORM Training File to upload to your Learning Management System

Streaming Service

Streaming Service

Streaming Service Platform with offline options

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

For 5-100+ Participants. Virtual Custom Meetings

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